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Iceriver KS Series Tester User Guide
By THANOSMINING June 8th, 2024
Iceriver KS Series Tester User Guide

The standard configuration of the tester is:

Tester host*1

DC12V power adapter*1

18pin data cable*1

USB to TTL cable*1

Software (Xshell cracking)*1 (sent with the order)

How do I connect the tester cables?

First, connect the USB to TTL cable to the tester.

Please plug it in as shown in the picture.

Black (left), white (middle), green (right)
(Please ignore the pins on the far right side of the board)

Connect the USB port to the computer, check the USB port number on the computer and write it down.

The 18-pin cable is connected to the rightmost port.

The other end is connected to the hash board to be tested.

Schematic diagram after the connection is completed:

Next, connect the DC12V power supply to the tester and turn off the power of the tester.


Xshell connection:

After decompressing the Xshell cracking software sent with the order,
double-click to open the program "Xshell" in the file.

Ignore Error code: 50003

Automatically enter the new connection window,

please click the "New button"(新建) to establish a new connection.

Click Protocol (P) and pull down the option to "SERIAL" and select it.

Select "RLOGIN" on the left

Click "Terminal Rate Options"

Drag down the option to "115200" and confirm.

Click "SERIAL" on the left,

"Port" specifies your USB to TTL port number.

Select “Baud Rate” as 115200

Click OK(确定)

At this point, you will be returned to the New Connection dialog box.

Please check whether the port number matches your USB to TTL port number.

Click OK (确定) to connect.

Enter the software interface and it will prompt you to wait for connection...

Turn on the power switch of the tester and make an effective connection.

At this time, the software interface will display the self-test process of the tester.

After waiting for the self-test to complete, you can start testing the hashboard.

This tester supports the cycle test of hashboards. You can test another hashboard without disconnecting the connection line.
Turn off the power switch, the tester is in silent state, press and hold the test button to start the test.
Turn on the power switch, and the tester will automatically start the test process.

For the connection and voltage setting of the hash board, please refer to:

Iceriver KS series hash board repair guide

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