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Avalon ASIC Fault Chip Finder User Manual
By Thanosmining August 15th, 2022
Avalon ASIC Fault Chip Finder User Manual

Avalon ASIC Fault Chip Finder User Manual

The principle of this tool is to quickly find the faulty ASIC of the hash board through the test signal output by the Avalon test fixture, which can completely replace the oscilloscope. This is a new approach to maintaining Avalon.

Principle overview:
This tool needs to be used with Avalon test fixtures. The clip will send a specific signal to the D signal of the ASIC, stop the signal at that position when the test fixture is working, and then send it back to the test fixture for quick judgment. The location of the faulty chip is accurate and effective.

Schematic diagram of the motherboard connector:
① or ⑤ connect to the test fixture (please select the corresponding interface)
③ or ⑦ connect to the hash board (please select the corresponding interface)
②DC12V power input
④Function toggle button
(Top: normal test mode. Bottom: short-circuit search mode)
⑥Connect the test pen

Test Pen:
Black: Connect to ASIC's GND
Red: "D" signal contact of the ASIC

Regardless of whether the C and CK signals are normal or not, for 0ASIC and insufficient ASIC, the fault point can be quickly located.
When using, you only need to press the switch, and the short-circuit clip is connected to the D signal on the board, which is very convenient to use.
Supported models: A10**-A11**-A12**

Device connection diagram (A1066 as an example):

Short-circuit the D signal output by the A16 chip, and the test fixture displays asic count: 10. It should be noted that the correct number of chips is 16-6=10, because there are no chips in the first 6 A1-A6 positions. At this time, the number reported in the log is the same as the number of chips before the short-circuit signal, which means that the first 10 chips are normal. Therefore, we need to continue to short-circuit and check until we find the chip without D signal, so as to locate the faulty chip.


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