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Become our partner

ThanosMining will integrate its own resources and recommend nearby high-quality repair centers to global customers, which not only facilitates customers, but also brings you good benefits.

Information to be provided by the cooperative repair center:

1. The name of the repair center.

2. Introduction to the repair center.

3. Briefly describe the types of equipment that can be repaired.

4. The real detailed address of the repair center.
(Include the following information: country, state/province, city, street, house number)

5. Photo of repair center
(5 photos: internal overview map of the repair center*1, engineer work photo*2, engineer group photo*1, and exterior view of the repair center*1)

6. The name and contact information of the person in charge (eg phone, WhatsApp, email).

Please provide the above information truthfully, compress the data into zip format, and send it to the designated email address: [email protected]

You can also leave a message via WhatsApp: +8619936403319

After approval, we will send you relevant cooperation information by email.