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APW12 PSU Tester User Manual
By THANOSMINING June 18th, 2024
APW12 PSU Tester User Manual
Why did we develop this power supply tester?
First of all, many users have reported the confusion they encountered when repairing APW12:
Antminer's PSU cannot run offline, and must rely on the control board to send protocol signals to control its output voltage, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the repair work.
Secondly, if we want to detect whether the power supply is damaged, we must run the miner while testing, and even when the PSU is bound to the miner, it is difficult for us to check whether the PSU is damaged.

This tester solves the above problems very well, making the repair work more convenient and efficient.
When you press the test button, the tester will output a protocol signal to the PSU to activate its output voltage, and the tester will read the voltage value in real time and display it through the LED.
Provide engineers with very intuitive data.

When the repair is completed, you only need to connect the tester to the PSU to quickly determine whether it has been repaired.
Tip: The premise of testing the PSU is that the PSU is not short-circuited. For example, if the fan of the PSU does not turn on after the power is turned on, there is no need to connect the tester in this case.
This may be a short circuit inside the power supply or a damaged fuse.

How to connect the tester?
First connect the PSU cable and observe if its fan is working. If the fan is not working, do not connect the tester. This may be due to a short circuit inside the PSU or a damaged fuse.
② Connect the tester to the DC12V power supply
③ Connect the 4-pin data cable

Make sure all connection points are well connected

Start the test:
Connect the PSU power supply and the tester power supply, wait for the tester to complete the self-test,
after the self-test passes, the LED will prompt the version information.

Press the "Test Button", if the LED indicates "ERROR-***", it means the PSU hardware is damaged and needs repair.

Replace the PSU to be tested and continue the test. Each time the test button is pressed, the tester will transmit a signal.
When the PSU receives the signal, it will output the specified voltage.

The test process of the tester is divided into 4 steps, which are cycled in sequence, namely: Step 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4.
If it is a healthy PSU, the tester will prompt "OK" on the LED and display the voltage value output by the PSU at the end.

In step 2/4, we tested and got 15.12V, which means the PSU is healthy.

In step 3/4, we tested and got 11.89V, which means the PSU is healthy.

In step 4/4, we tested and got 14.87V, which means the PSU is healthy.

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Do not use the tester when the PSU is short-circuited, otherwise the circuit board will be damaged.

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