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APW12 10000W Oil Cooling Power/PSU

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The new design and material, the conversion rate is as high as 93%, and the internal use of pure copper material is more stable, this is a new high-power overclocking power supply specially designed for oil-cooled overclocking.
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APW12 10000W Oil Cooling Power/PSU

This product is a pre-order item, please contact customer service to inquire about stock availability before placing an order.
This is a high heat dissipation power supply specially customized for oil-cooled overclocking users. The conversion rate is as high as 93%, and the internal PCB board is sealed with anti-corrosion treatment to deal with impurities mixed in insulating oil. The flow-cooled aluminum alloy heat dissipation module can give full play to its heat dissipation performance in liquid.
Applicable miner model: Antminer T19 S19 S19pro S19j S19jpro
The output voltage is 12-15V
This project has all passed the high stress test of the aging equipment, and the floating rate is 15%, that is to say, on the nominal 8000W power supply, we have carried out the load stress test of 9200W power consumption.
After continuous verification and improvement, the project has been applied to the mines of a large number of physical customers and has been fully recognized and praised. Lower failure rate and higher conversion rate bring you more stable and considerable benefits.

Using EMI filtering technology, it is easy to achieve wide voltage, even in harsh environments.

Fan installation holes are reserved, oil cooling and fan cooling can be switched freely, and fan cooling can be achieved only by installing a fan.

Long service life, 10,000 hours of continuous operation.
According to the MLE-HDBK-217F specification, the standard power supply service life is designed, working in the 25°C environment, under full load and nominal load, and continuously running for 10,000 hours without failure (excluding DC fan).

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