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Antminer T17 Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool

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Antminer T17 Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool
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Antminer T17 Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool

Antminer T17 S17 series radiators are easy to fall off and damage due to design flaws, no matter how they are repaired, failures and hidden dangers always exist.
Thanos Mining has developed a special tool kit for the Antminer T17 S17 series modified radiator, including the tin mold on the hash board ASIC, the tin mold on the radiator, the radiator holder, and the special tin scraper.

With the specially developed and customized one-piece aluminum alloy radiator, it can not only improve the heat dissipation rate, but also prevent the failure caused by the loose or falling off of the radiator.

The modification operation is simple. The modified hash board has excellent heat dissipation performance and is durable.

Antminer Hash Board Radiator Retrofit Tutorial

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Chip brush thermal grease fixture:

Chip Grinding Fixture:

Radiator fixing frame:

Silicone grease scraper:

The radiator of the Antminer T17 series begins to fall off and damage after long-term operation or long-distance transportation. Even if it is repaired, it will loosen again in a short time.

After replacing the integrated radiator, the hash board is fully repaired, the heat dissipation is more efficient, and it will be strong for long-term operation or long-distance transportation.

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