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Antminer S17 Upgraded Radiator

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Antminer S17 Upgraded Heat Sink
Using one-time aluminum alloy molding, the heat dissipation performance is better than the original heat sink, which solves the defect that the heat sink is easy to fall.
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Antminer S17 Upgraded Radiator 

The new airflow guide design and thickened heat dissipation base are a new definition of heat dissipation. We apply the heat dissipation advantages of Avalon and Whatsminer to the Antminer S17 series and T17 series, and once again strengthen the material properties to make it fully It has excellent heat dissipation performance.
You no longer have to suffer high repair costs for ASIC chip damage caused by falling heatsinks.

The improved radiator completely solves the defect that the Antminer S17 series and T17 series radiators are easy to fall. It is maintenance-free and fixed with screws, so there is no longer any worry about the failure of the radiator due to temperature difference and transportation.
The improved radiator is formed by one-time aluminum alloy, and adopts longitudinal heat dissipation groove, and the heat dissipation performance is better than the original radiator.

Easy to replace, simple to operate, durable, THANOSMINING provides comprehensive technical support and tutorials.

At the same time, THANOSMINING also accepts radiator replacement service, you can mail the damaged hash board to our maintenance department for replacement.
If you purchased the Miner in China, you can also ship the device to our repair department for replacement.

1 unit = 3 pieces or 6 pieces (radiator for a full miner)
List includes: heat sink x3 or x6, screw posts, nuts, copper tabs.

Retrofit Tutorial:
Hash board Radiator Retrofit Tutorial

Radiator Retrofit Tools:
Antminer T17 Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool

Antminer S17+ Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool

Antminer T17+ Radiator Retrofit Kit Tool

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Antminer T17 Upgraded Radiator

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Take Antminer T17 as an example, the radiator starts to fall off after long-term operation or long-distance transportation. Even if it is repaired, it will loosen again in a short time.

After replacing the integrated radiator, the hash board is fully repaired, the heat dissipation is more efficient, and it will be strong for long-term operation or long-distance transportation.

Modified renderings:
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