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Thanos Repair

Miner Repair Service
THANOSMINING has cumulatively served about 6000 customers, who are distributed in 26 countries around the world. They are not only customers, but also our friends.
THANOSMINING provides high-quality miner repair services to customers around the world. Up to now, we have served more than 6000 customers in 26 countries around the world. They are not only customers, but also our friends. No matter which country you are in, you can send the faulty miner to the THANOSMINING miner repair department in the Chinese port, we will repair your miner with the fastest efficiency and shipping it to your designated address in time.
Miner repair or psu repair please contact us via Telegram

Miner Repair Service Process

1. Initiate an order:

1.1 Please prepare 2-3 photos (the appearance of the faulty equipment), briefly describe the equipment fault, and submit it to the miner repair customer service specialist using WhatsApp or Email on the official website(thanosmining.com).

1.2 Wait for the initial judgment of the fault, the customer service staff will calculate the price and quote you.

1.3 After agreeing to the quotation, please pack the goods as required, and contact the courier company by yourself, and mail it to the repair address designated by THANOSMINING.

1.4 Please photograph the quantity and condition of the goods when they are sent, then provide the accurate tracking number, and submit the photo and tracking number to the customer service specialist.

1.5 At the same time, please purchase a dedicated link (0 USD) on the product page, fill in your delivery address as required, and keep the order number properly, and then contact the customer service specialist for verification.

1.6 After the above information is established, your repair order has been preliminarily completed, please wait patiently for the transportation of the goods, THANOSMINING will take the initiative to contact you when it receives the goods.

2. Repair process:

2.1 After receiving the goods, the repair department will take photos to verify the quantity and condition with you.

2.2 Entering the repair link, we will formulate a corresponding repair plan according to the equipment type, failure cause, order time and other reasons.

2.3 After the equipment is repaired, enter the test workshop for 2-5 hours of aging test (24 hours if it is a complete miner). Test times may vary slightly by device.

2.4 After passing the test, we will record the test video and confirm the final status and quantity of the goods with you.

2.5 The customer service specialist will contact you and send a payment link (which can be selected according to your requirements), waiting for payment confirmation.

2.6 The repair department will send the equipment according to the order address (due to the special reasons of the product, only the express company designated by THANOSMINING is supported, and the customer freight forwarding company is not supported to pick up the goods for the time being).

2.7 Provide the waybill number to you and wait for your feedback.

ASIC Miner Repair
Professional repair of various ASIC Miner
Hash Board Repair
Hash board repair for all models, fast delivery.
Miner PSU Repair
Repair all models of PSU, Bitmain, Avalon, Innosilicon...
Special Reminder:

1. Some models of miner hash boards need to be mailed in the complete miner (or 3 hash boards) for repair, such as Antminer S9k, S9se, S11, S15, T17 to T19 series, S17 to S19 series, and Bitmain follow-up models.

Because these types of miner hashboards have internal data, the repaired hashboard data may be erased (60% chance). Therefore, we recommend that a specific model of miner be repaired, or send 3 hash boards at the same time. Of course, customers can also purchase code editing lines separately, and they can operate by themselves after the goods arrive at the destination.

2. Please be sure to use reinforced packaging for the transportation of the Hash board to prevent damage. It is recommended to use thickened foam shockproof pads for packaging.

3. For some models that are easily damaged during transportation, such as Antminer T17, S17 series, THANOSMINING can provide integrated radiator modification service, please consult the customer service specialist for the modification price.

4. The round-trip freight is paid by the customer. THANOSMINING will give priority to recommend the most cost-effective transportation method according to your delivery address and the status of the goods.

Dispatch Repair Service
THANOSMINING provides technical engineer dispatch repair services to many countries around the world. If your miner has many failures and is inconvenient to transport, THANOSMINING can provide customers with on-site repair services by repair engineers.