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Antminer Hash Board EEPROM Editor

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For editing hashboard code data,Solve the problem that the code of the antminer's hash board is inconsistent, causing the miner to not run and the hash board to fail.
Repair Antminer 0ASIC
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Antminer Hash Board Eeprom Editor

For editing hashboard code data,Solve the problem that the code of the antminer's hash board is inconsistent, causing the miner to not run and the hash board to fail.

Usually, the repaired hash board is wiped with data, which is determined by the program, not the human. In addition, the hash board scanned by the test fixture may also lose data.
When the above situation occurs, if the hash board is directly loaded into the Miner, the entire Miner may not be able to run. When the Antminer starts, it will check whether the code of the hash board is consistent. If the code is abnormal, the miner will stop starting. Common error codes: "eeprom error, eeprom exception, socket link failure...etc"
Repair Antminer 0ASIC

In addition, assembling the Miner will also cause this failure. When combining 3 hash boards from different miners, it will cause the failure to start, which is also the reason for the code inconsistency.

These situations don't happen 100% of the time, but such failures occur to a large extent.
When you encounter Miner failure caused by the above reasons, please use this tool to synchronize data.

The principle is to read the data of one of the hash boards through the IO interface and save it, and then write the data to the other two hash boards, so that the three hash boards keep the same data, and the miners can work normally.

Common fault models: Antminer S9k S9se S11 S15 T15 S17 S17+ S17pro S17e T17 T17e S19 S19pro S19j S19jpro T19.... etc. (including subsequent models of Antminer)
Please note: Antminer S9 T9+ L3+ does not support this device.

Thanosmining reserves the right to change the appearance and line settings of this product at any time without prior contact with the customer. This is because with the continuous update of the Miner model, it is necessary for us to make appropriate adjustments, please pay attention.
Changes in appearance and wiring protocol settings will not affect its functionality, the method of operation is the same, with the aim of continuously updating and improving the product.

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Antminer Hash Board Eerpom Editor Tutorial

Even with the same type of Miner, after using the hash board together, most of them cannot communicate with each other, because the ant mining machine models after S9k have integrated special codes.
If these hash boards are mixed, the control board will not recognize all hash boards, resulting in Miner not starting and abnormal failure.
Not only that, the repaired hash board and the hash board scanned by the test fixture will also lose data, and the probability of this happening is almost 60%.

Antminer hashboard code eerpom editor can do this for you, supporting multiple models.

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