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APW12 5000W Overclocking Power/PSU

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This is a new PSU redesigned for Antminer T19 S19 S19pro
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  • Description
APW12 5000W Antminer Overclocking Power Supply

The redesigned high cooling power supply has a conversion rate of 93%. The internal use of increased power inductors and MOS arrays, all solid state capacitors. The enhanced axial flow cooling fan is used. The excellent heat dissipation effect means more stable voltage output and longer durability.

Applicable miner model: Antminer T19 S19 S19pro

The output voltage is 12-15V

The project has passed the high stress test of aging equipment, and the floating rate is 15%. That is to say, on a nominal 8000W power supply, we conducted a load pressure test of 9200W power consumption.

Through continuous verification and improvement, the project has been applied to mines of a large number of physical customers and has been fully recognized and praised. Lower failure rate and higher conversion rate bring you more stable and considerable benefits.

At present, there are many overclocking power supplies with virtual power on the market. They label them as "6000W, 7000W, 8000W, or even 9000W". In fact, their power is only 70% to 80%. It cannot even run at high power for a long time, and it will burn out after a period of use, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.
The overclocking power supplies sold by THANOSMINING are all jointly tested with regular manufacturers, and the test power is increased to 120% to 130%, and professional testing equipment is used for a long time to maintain the aging test.
For example: the APW12 power supply newly developed by the joint manufacturer, the nominal power is 8000W, the actual aging test power is 8900W, and the pressure test is maintained for 24 hours.
The APW12 with a nominal 8000W is used in the video. Due to the limitations of the test equipment, it can only be raised to 8980W. It was tested at higher loads and used oil cooling. The peak power can reach 9800W, and the operation is stable.

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