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Antminer L7 water cooling kit

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This is the latest water cooling kit for Antminer L7.
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  • Description
Antminer L7 Water Cooling Kit

This is the latest water cooling kit for Antminer L7.

Components include:
product name Quantity
LIANLI water cooling radiator 1
Antminer L7 water cooling plate 1 set (6pcs)
Hash board thermal grease (6.5W) 110g 1
Multipurpose ratcheting screwdriver 1
110g (30cc) special extrusion gun for silicone grease 1
Antminer Fan Simulator 2
1 minute 6 water divider 2
Main water pipe 2m
Water distribution pipe 2m
Fixer 14

(For the sake of transportation cost, this project is not equipped with coolant, vehicle coolant and similar products can be purchased locally as heat transfer medium)

Overview map:

Content (click on the name to view details):

1:LIANLI water cooling radiator 4.5Kw

2:Antminer L7 water cooling plate
Multiple water flow channels are integrated inside the aluminum water-cooled heat sink.
The ASIC transfers the heat to the water-cooled plates, and the flowing coolant then transfers the heat to the external condenser, which is then dissipated by the fan.

3:Hashboard Thermal Grease 110g 6.5W/wk
High-efficiency thermal grease with thermal conductivity up to 6.5W/wk for heat transfer before ASIC and heat sink.

4:Thermal grease extrusion gun
With this product, you can easily and accurately extrude thermal grease and solder paste. The fixed-point one-way ratchet design can precisely control the extrusion volume and save labor.

5:Antminer Fan simulator
Dual-core full-speed fan simulator, simulate Miner fan speed data, make Miner run normally.

6:Portable Ratchet Screwdriver
Ratchet Profile 7 Piece Portable Screwdriver for 12 Different Screws.
Used to remove the Miner case and heat sink.

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