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Antminer Fan simulator

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Antminer Fan Cheater
This project is a full-speed version of dual-core, which is more stable and durable than single-core, please rest assured to buy!
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Antminer Fan Simulator

2-in-1 Fan Speed Simulator
Note that the fan simulator is divided into single core and dual core, i.e. normal version and full speed version, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance.
The normal version is a fixed single-core simulation of the speed of two fans, while the full-speed version is a dual-core, each fan will have a simulation core, which is relatively stable.
THANOSMINING sells all dual-core full-speed emulators, please rest assured to buy!

When the miner starts, the program will automatically detect the fan speed, and when the fan is removed, the miner will stop starting. When retrofitting water-cooled or silent equipment for miners, we need to remove the fans. At this time, special equipment is needed to simulate the fan speed to start the miner. This product solves this problem very well. It is worth noting that many low-quality fan simulators on the market will fail soon after use, causing miners to lose money if they don’t run. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a high-quality fan simulator to ensure that the miner can run stably for a long time.

Different from other products, this product has a built-in T4152 decoding chip, which is heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and runs stably.

This product is suitable for 70% of the miners on the market, please pay attention to the 4-pin plug, as long as the fan interface of this specification can be used (such as the full range of Antminer). If you need other sockets, please contact customer service, we will send you the matching model.

Easy to use, non-destructive installation (remove the fan and plug it directly)

Mainly used for: transformation of water cooling facilities of various mining machines, transformation of silent facilities, transformation of powerful exhaust and heat dissipation facilities.

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