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4 Port Surge Arrester

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1000M network lightning arrester
1000M Surge Protector
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4 Port Surge Arrester

1000M network lightning arrester
1000M Surge Protector

Rated working voltage: 5V
Maximum continuous working voltage: 6V
Maximum continuous working current: 1A
Nominal discharge current: 5kA
Maximum discharge current: 10kA
Protection level: 15V
Response time: 1ns
Data transfer rate: 1000Mbit/s
Operating temperature: -40°C - 80°C
Shell material: aluminum alloy
Shell protection level: IP20

Installation Notes :
1. Products close to the protected equipment;
2. The product is connected in series to the signal line;
3. The IN terminal is connected to the input, and the OUT terminal is connected to the protection device;
4. When wiring the product, it should be ensured that the electrical characteristics of the access line are consistent with the terminal identification, that is: the RJ45 interface is connected to the Internet cable, and the PE is grounded;
5. The grounding can use copper wire of more than 1.5mm, as short, thick and straight as possible;
6. Guide rail products can be installed on 35mm guide rails;
7. Do not tie the IN wire and the OUT wire together.

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