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Antminer S19 95th water cooling plate (Big Board)

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Using laser cutting welding process, high precision and good air tightness. The circulation channel is lengthened, the water channel is rearranged, and the diversion technology is adopted to effectively speed up the liquid flow rate.
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Antminer S19 95th water cooling plate (Big Board)

This is a redesigned of Antminer S19 T19 water cooling plate. Compared with the previous version, we have made the following 7 upgrades:
1. The laser cutting welding process is adopted as a whole, with higher precision and better air tightness.
2. Enlarge the internal water flow channel to allow the liquid to pass through better, resulting in better heat dissipation efficiency.
3. Lengthening the circulating water channel. While increasing the water flow channel, we also rearranged the internal water channel and adopted the internal multi-channel diversion technology to effectively speed up the liquid flow rate.
4. Anodizing treatment, using advanced anodizing process, strong anti-corrosion performance.
5. Quick connector, the upgraded connector is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of stable connection, higher overall strength and quick disassembly.
6. The connecting hose is upgraded from the previous silicone tube to a high-strength corrugated tube, which has better high temperature resistance and anti-winding.
7. Integrated design, from the previous 2 radiators of the hash board to an integrated radiator, that is to say, a S19 only needs 3 radiators to achieve higher heat dissipation efficiency than before.

1 unit = 3 pcs (amount of one S19/T19)

Shipping lis:
Product name Quantity
Water cooling plate 3
Water divider 1 to 3 2
Fixing clip 14
Main Silicone Tube 2M
Branch line silicone tube 2M

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