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Troubleshooting for antminer fans problems

We summarize the following scenarios in which you may find the fans are having issues.

Scenario No.1——the fan speed is too low


Scenario No.2——the fan speed exceeds 7000


Scenario No.3——the kernel log shows the fan is lost or the speed is too low

Check the kernel log and if you see the line: Fatal Error: some Fan lost or Fan speed low!, 

Scenario No.4——fans are missing in the miner status

There should be two fans display in the miner status but you find only one. 


Scenario No.5——more than a normal amount of fans are detected

There should be two fans display in the miner status but you find three or more fans. 

If you encounter any one of the above scenarios, please follow the troubleshooting steps as below,

  1. Make sure you’ve plugged the fan cables tightly
  2. Replace with a good known fan. The fan number shown on the miner status depends on which port connected to the control board.
  3. If replacing the fan does not solve the problem, the control board is defective.

Please test the miner with a known good working control board.

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