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How to detach APW8 PSU from Antminer DR5, S11, S15 & T15

Watch the tutorial video via the link:

As you may have already known, the newer models of the ANTMINERs have the PSU attached on them.

To detach the PSU from the miners, follow the below steps:

1. Prepare the equipment required

  • A hex head screwdriver, diameter 3 mm
  • A pair of protective gloves

2. Place the miner with the PSU facing upwards.

3. Unscrew the metal holder that is clasping the miner and PSU together. And remove the power connector.

4. Rotate the miner 90 degree anti-clockwise, push down the metal tab depicted in picture 3 and push the PSU outwards.

5. The PSU is detached. To put the PSU back, fit the PSU to their rightful hooks and push from the power AC input port until the PSU is hooked back.

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